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In Virginia Beach, 10 arrested on suspicion of DUI over New Year's Eve

2013 is off to a rough start for the 10 people who were arrested in Virginia Beach on New Year's Eve on suspicion of DUI.

The 10 arrests were made at checkpoints police had set up around the city. Drunk-driving checkpoints are somewhat controversial. Although many people would say they are in favor of public safety, many would also note that they find drunk-driving checkpoints to be prying, overly invasive and inefficient.

In this case, one checkpoint was set up where Independence Boulevard meets Interstate 264-West. Six people were arrested at that site. The other was set up in the 1700 block of North Great Neck Road. Four of the arrests were made there.

In addition to the drunk-driving arrest, police arrested four people for driving with a suspended license, one for being intoxicated in public, one for allegedly having narcotics and two for outstanding warrants.

Although an arrest can seem like the beginning of a chain of events over which you have no control, please take it from us -- that is not the case.

Criminal suspects have their rights, and those rights must be respected by police officers, prosecutors and other criminal justice system professionals. We certainly wish that respect were granted automatically, but oftentimes it takes the advocacy of an experienced criminal defense attorney to ensure a defendant is not being mistreated.

Source: The Virginia Pilot, "10 charged with DUI in Va. Beach checkpoints," Cindy Clayton, Jan. 2, 2013

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